Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shorten multiple URLs at once with Krunchd and LinkBun.ch


There is no dearth of URL shortening services. There are just too many where only a handful should be enough, but at least it’s providing users with a ridiculous number of choices. The new URL shortening tool Krunchd, however, brings several interesting features you won’t find in other short URL services.

krunchd-logoKrunchd allows you to bunch several URLs into one and create a single shortened URL for the bunch. So if you need to share several URLs, you won’t have to shorten each of them individually. Group them together and create only one URL which you can share with your peers. 

Apart from URL bunching, Krunchd offers some additional luxuries.

  • You are able to name your link and customize it into something recognizable rather than an auto generated jumble of characters.
  • You are able to edit/add/remove URL from the bunch after you have created the link.
  • There is also a bookmarklet that will enable you to generate short URLs from any page.

Another similar URL shortening service is LinkBun.ch that also allows you to create a single link from a bunch of URLs. LinkBun.ch doesn’t allow you to customize the link nor add/remove URLs from it. But it has two features that Krunchd lacks.


When you open a Krunchd link, it displays the list of URLs contained within it. You have to view them by clicking on each of them. LinkBun.ch also displays the list of bunched URLs when you click on the shortened link and it provides an additional option to open all the links at once on different tabs. It saves you from having to click each of the URLs individually.

The other feature of LinkBun.ch is the reverse of the above mentioned feature. LinkBun.ch can create a shortened URL for all the tabs opened in your browser with the help of a Firefox addon.


Both Krunchd and LinkBun.ch are useful and unique from the rest of URL shortening tools. (Thanks KillerStartUp for Krunchd)


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