Thursday, January 1, 2009

Free license key for games: Venture Arctic and Lugaru


Developed by Pocketwatch Games, Venture Arctic is an ecosystem simulation game that plays on the interaction of different species and the natural environment. In the lines of "Sim City" and "The Sims", the game allows the player to take the role of mother-nature and bring new animals into the world, control the weather or even cause disease. The game takes place over five environments surrounding the Arctic Circle. In each environment, you are given as list of goals for specific animal populations that you must meet. You don’t directly control the animals in Venture Arctic, but you manipulate the environment. As the game progresses, more and more tools to control the environment become available.

venture-arctic1 venture-arctic2

The game is not very expensive, at just $19.99. And now for a limited time, the game is made available for free to everyone. To grab your free copy of Venture Arctic, go to the following Venture Arctic shopping page:

Venture Arctic for Windows:
Venture Arctic for Mac OS X:

Then, enter the following discount coupon code to get a 100% reduction in price.



Click on Checkout at the bottom of the page, enter the required information and your free serial key will be mailed to you. Download the game demo from the site and use the key to unlock it.

The second game of the giveaway is Lugaru, a third-person action title available for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. The main character, Turner, is a bunny rabbit with impressive combat skills. In his quest to find those responsible for slaughtering his village, he uncovers a far-reaching conspiracy involving the corrupt leaders of the rabbit republic and the starving wolves from a nearby den. Turner takes it upon himself to fight against their plot and save his fellow rabbits from slavery.

lugaru1 lugaru2

Lugaru’s primary feature is its unique combat system. Instead of relying on confusing button combinations to perform moves, Lugaru’s moves are all logical and context sensitive.

With the release of their new game, Overgrowth, the developers Wolfire is giving away Lugaru for limited period of time. The game normally sells at $19.95.

To get your free copy of Lugaru, head to this page, enter your name and email and choose the game platform to play on. The free serial key will be mailed to you.

Download Lugaru for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

[via MyDigital Life]


  1. Lugaru's free trial is over. Cheat does not work.

    Get rid of it

  2. someone please post a serial code??

  3. You're just trying to grab attention and visitors! Liar and incredible!!! What a pityful way to advertise a blog that has been abandoned by readers. Sick!

  4. The offer was for a limited period. It's not available anymore. Please visit the lugaru link and will get the 'offer over' message.

    I can't post serials here as this is not allowed.

  5. @kaushuk would you please email me the serials

  6. hello I love this game through the demos, but this code expired 3 years ago could you please email me a serial number, my email is or alternatively if you were to send the serial number I would grately apreciate it


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