Saturday, January 3, 2009

Quero Toolbar - The Internet Explorer enhancer


Quero Toolbar is an addon for Internet Explorer that is intended to be a replacement for the standard address and navigation bar. Unlike a majority of browser toolbars, Quero Toolbar does not take up valuable browser real estate, unless of course, you decide to turn on both the toolbar and the address bar.

Quero Toolbar combines the address box, search box and IE7‘s (and IE8’s) find bar into a single input box. This is the standard behavior on Opera and Firefox, which you can now enjoy on Internet Explorer. The Quero Toolbar has it’s own set of navigation buttons allowing you to completely replace the default navigation bar on IE.


Besides, this plugin brings to IE some of the coolest features that you can only get on browsers like Firefox, Opera or Chrome. Here is a quick summary of some of the enhancements:

  • Add your own favorite search engines to Quero or choose from a list of predefined search profiles.
  • Ad blocker that can guard against unwanted Flash, banner, layer, Google, IntelliTXT and pop-up ads. The ad and pop-up blocker is very through allowing you to be specific when choosing which advertisements you would like to suppress.
  • Quero's search box finds phrases as you type, automatically highlighting the searched term.
  • Search any word on a web page by highlighting and right-clicking on it. A time saving feature originally found in Opera and implemented in Firefox via addons.
  • Jump to URLs that are not hyperlinked. Another one of my most used feature.
  • Opera’s famous paste and go feature of the address bar.
  • Core domain highlighting - a feature from Chrome.
  • Quero makes the shortcut icons found on many Web sites visible and displays the favicons in the taskbar.
  • Quickly change the size of your browser window to predefined dimensions.
  • View and edit the user agent string to simulate another Web browser.
  • Protection against phishing attempt.

Quero Toolbar is available for both Windows XP and Vista. If you are an IE user, this plugin is worth taking a look.

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  1. Dear Kaushik,
    Please introduce this XOOPIT addon to Firefox with your reviews. I find it extremely useful as it allows selectinf our files, photos videos etc (from our system and gmail accounts ) even while we are in gmail inbox.


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