Friday, January 2, 2009

Super Ubuntu - yet another Ubuntu based distro


Do you know how many Ubuntu based Linux distribution there are? More than 40. That’s right. More than forty different Linux distros has been forked out of this ever popular Linux distro. While not all of them are worth mentioning, there are some decent distributions that have evolved from it. For instance, Mythbuntu, Ubuntu Ultimate Edition, gOS, and andLinux to name a few.

Another Ubuntu based distribution that you might like to checkout is Super Ubuntu. Super Ubuntu contains all that is present on Ubuntu 8.10 and also includes:

  • System and application updates: all updates released for Ubuntu + GIMP 2.6.3 + 3 + Firefox 3.0.4
  • Better Multimedia Support: Super Ubuntu already comes with support for MP3 files and video-DVDs by default, it also includes additional codecs, and additional media players (Amarok, VLC Media Player and MPlayer)
  • Better Internet experience: It includes additional web browsers (Opera, Adobe Flash Player, more communication software (aMSN, Skype and Mozilla Thunderbird) and P2P software (aMule)
  • Support for portable applications/other installation methods: Autopackage, SFS Technology, Smart Package Manager, Wine and Zero Install
  • Support for more technologies: Java RE, Microsoft Office 2007 file formats, etc
  • Graphical interfaces/managers: compizconfig-settings-manager (Compiz), Gufw (Uncomplicated firewall), ndisgtk (NDISwrapper) and padevchooser (PulseAudio)
  • Utilities: Adobe Reader, EnvyNG, Furius ISO Mount, GParted, NDISwrapper, Ubuntu Tweak and StartUp-Manager
  • Bunch of extra repositories

Screenshots (courtesy SoftPedia)

super-ubuntu  super-ubuntu (3)


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