Wednesday, February 25, 2009

40+ stunningly creative free RSS icons


The best thing about the RSS icon is that it doesn’t have to look like one. You can morph it, change it’s color, alter it’s shape and still make it distinctly identifiable by just adding a dash of orange or the radio beacon. Take a look at these clever designs. Use them on your website or draw inspiration from them to create your own.

Design freak has an amazing stock of RSS icons. The following set comes from them.


Some more from Design freak

krainov1rsss1 0001a konfetaacigara forex_rssa   rss_detki2a

A set of 15 RSS icons from

speaker printer lamp meat

matches    notebook      

cantaloupe  bottle_side  bottle_upright

From Smashing Magazine


Miscellaneous RSS icons

Toast_Feed_Icon_by_zyenth  RSS_feed_17




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  1. I'm using the Toast Feed Icon on my blog... thanks a ton!


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