Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Create a screensaver out of Flickr photos


I rarely use screensavers but this a screensaver I would love to use. Flickr is one of my favorite destination on the Internet and this .Net Framework based screensaver allows you to pull photos from Flickr and display them on the screen as a screensaver. A marvelous tool if you like to spend hours looking at beautiful photos.

Flickr .Net Screensaver allows the user to pick photos from any specific Flickr user, group or photos with a particular tag. This is just like searching photos in Flickr but you get the results in the form of a screensaver which looks fantastic.



There are three ways to display the photos – a plain way either with or without its title and author; a moving method where the photos slide slowly across the screen and a postcard method which looks best. In the post card method the photos are bounded by a border whose color you can customize. Additionally you can apply a tilt to the photos and even randomize the angles to give a new and unexpected angle to each photos on the slide.


You want to view photos from private albums? No problem, because Flickr .Net Screensaver allows you to authenticate yourself by logging into your Flickr account. So you can view almost any photo from any group on this screensaver.


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