Friday, February 6, 2009

Gmail multiple inboxes for widescreen monitors


If you have a widescreen monitor than you can make good use of the excess space you have on your screen by using Gmail’s latest Lab feature – Multiple inboxes.

Just click on Settings on your Gmail page and go to Labs. Now enable Multiple Inboxes. This will divide your screen into two panes – the left pane is broader and shows your inbox while the right pane is smaller in width and can be customized to show different ‘sections’ of your inbox. For instance, if you use labels you can configure the second inbox to show messages with a particular label or labels, or show starred messages or your drafts or sent messages. This is how it looks.


You can add up to five different inboxes on the right panel using search operators, If you are not familiar with Gmail search operators, then here is the complete list.


It’s a nifty idea, but isn’t perfect. Not being able to adjust the sizes of the panels makes it hard for users with all sorts of monitor sizes. But you can move the inboxes around from the right of the inbox to the left or move them above or below if you don’t have a widescreen monitor.

[via Official Gmail Blog]


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