Wednesday, February 25, 2009 forwards your email messages to IM, Twitter or phone

> is a new email service that enables you to receive incoming mails in various ways. It can forward your mails to an instant messenger, Twitter, mobile phone or another email ID.

When you sign up for this service you will be given a new email ID. After that you have to login to your account and add your IM, email, cell Phone and Twitter details where you want the messages to be delivered. You can provide multiple forwarding destinations and your messages will be delivered at whichever location you are available.


Whenever anyone sends a message to ID, the service forwards it to the IM account you are currently logged in or the last IM account you used. If you aren’t online at that moment, the message will be sent to the last email, mobile phone or twitter account you were last seen on.

Supported IM clients are Google Talk, AIM, MSN, Yahoo and Skype. Try it if you do not use any email clients or notification program and are willing to start using a new email ID. You can also checkout my previous article on how to get emails on your cell phone as SMS messages. It’s pretty useful and better as it allows you to use your existing email ID.


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