Friday, February 6, 2009

Twitbin is the perfect Twitter addon for Firefox


I’m not much of a Twitter user but even then, one look at it made me realize how incredible this addon is. Twitbin is a Firefox extension that puts Twitter in your sidebar allowing you to keep up with your Twitter conversation right from your browser.

twitbin Twitbin allows post tweets, read tweets, keep tab of your friends and their replies and also reply to others. Twitbin makes it easier to repost tweets with the Retweet button. Simply click on someone’s tweet, and then hit enter and you’ll retweet while automatically giving attribution to the person.

If you like a particular tweet you can ‘favorite’ it by hitting the favorite button and it will get stored in your Favorites section of Twitbin.

There is one flaw with this addon however - it doesn’t allow you to view multiple page of tweets, just a single page.

With just 140 characters per message and limited functions, Twitter doesn’t need more space than the sidebar making it the perfect and almost permanent place for all Twitter fans.


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