Friday, March 13, 2009

Firefox addon AQwikWiki : Inline Wikipedia definitions


When you are reading an article and come across unfamiliar terms, you probably search it on Google or Wikipedia. There are a number of Firefox addons that assist you in such quick information searching and we have covered a handful of them in the past like Hyperwords, Juice and Googlepedia. To join them comes another extension and this one is a little different.

AQwikWiki allows you to search for terms on Wikipedia and then displays the results right inside the article you are reading. Simply select the word, right click and choose AQwikWiki from the context menu. This plugin will retrieve the first line from the Wikipedia entry for the selected term and display it right next to the term. Clicking on the > sign displays more lines. If you want to read the entire article, click on ‘W’ to open the article on a new tab.

Here is a demonstration.

The word “Microsoft” is selected and AQwikWiki is chosen from the context menu.


Wait while it searches.


First line from Wikipedia right next to “Microsoft”



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