Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Iconix eMail ID helps you recognize fraudulent emails


Every once in a while I would receive mails about lotteries I have won or millions of dollars left behind by some heirless millionaire that I could claim. At other times I would get mails from Paypal or banks I have never heard of telling me to verify my credit card. For some people such fraud mails are easy to detect. Still there are thousands that fall prey to it and get robbed off their money, and it happens every year.

The authenticity of a mail from a bank or financial institution or any organization with whom you have financial dealings can be detected from the address the mail was sent from or more importantly, the return email address. Usually these mails are sent from a free email address like Yahoo or Gmail. Sometimes they have a web address that resembles the name of the bank or organization they pose as but slightly altered by omitting, adding or transposing letters. For instance, I remember receiving a mail from Payupal.com. Notice the ‘u’? Well, many people fail to and wind up losing money.


Iconix eMail ID is a free browser plugin that protects you from such phishing scams and help you differentiate legitimate mails from fraudulent ones. Once installed, Iconix eMail ID scans every email you receive and confirms the source of the messages using authentication technologies such as Sender ID and DomainKeys, multiple times. After the authenticity of the sender is confirmed, Iconix adds a small ‘Truemark’ icon in front of the message to let you know that the mail is authentic.

Iconix eMail ID works with Firefox and Internet Explorer and supported service providers include Windows Live, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail and Earth Link. The plugin is also available for Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express.

Iconix eMail ID currently identifies over 1500 sources which includes banks, various organizations, web services, online agencies, websites etc. It’s understood that Iconix cannot track every email ID in the world or every organization so you are not likely to see the ‘Truemark’ icon before every email, even though they are legitimate. But Iconix covers banks, financial institution and major websites with which people have monetary dealings like Ebay and Amazon quite well, which is all we need.

Note: After you install this plugin, you will asked to send a test mail to email@test.iconix.com in order to ascertain whether the plugin is correctly working on your account. It's not an absolutely necessary step but doing so will help you identify any problem, if it arises.


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