Monday, March 2, 2009

JiveQ integrates search with every Windows application


JiveQ is a free program that brings you the convenience of web search to any Windows application, similar to the previously mentioned Transfz. If you are reading a Word document or a PDF file or any text file and come across phrases you want to acquire more information on, under normal circumstances, you would open your browser and proceed to search that phrase on a search engine. JiveQ makes the procedure shorter by integrating the search function on every Windows context menu.

When JiveQ is installed and running, it adds another item to the top of the context menu. Highlight the word or phrase you want to search and right-click to display a search option on the context menu. You can click directly on search to automatically launch your browser displaying the Google search result page for the selected word. There are more engines to search on. Instead of clicking on Search, hover the mouse pointer above the small arrow on the right to display a search console and you can access 18 more search engines apart from Google. Some these are Wikipedia, Yahoo, Windows Live, Technorati, Digg, Facebook etc. You can also add custom search engines to it.

jiveq jiveq1

This search console can also be detached from the context menu and dragged to any location on the screen. Alternatively, you can access the search console by clicking on the program’s system tray icon.

Additional features include the ability to receive suggestions for similar words or phrases you are searching and search for error messages. To this simply right from the error message window by pressing Ctrl + Right Click and selecting search.


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