Monday, March 16, 2009

Live streaming video from the International Space Station


NASA will soon start beaming live video from just outside the International Space Station giving people on earth an opportunity to view the planet in a way never seen before. The video will be captured by cameras mounted outside the ISS and the feed will be available between 1AM and 1PM PST, every day of the week!

The show will begin once the the station's crew goes to sleep or goes off duty. The curious timing is because of the fact that NASA has only four communications links for sending data to Earth and it wants to have all of them free for day-to-day operations while the crew is awake and working. There will also be no video from inside the space station to maintain the astronauts’ privacy.


So while the crew on board is asleep, inhabitants on earth will be able to view via the web, the Earth and other parts of the sky as seen from the space station, or parts of the station's exterior as it orbits 225 miles above Earth. The rest of the time, while the crew is awake, viewers will get a graphical world map depicting the station’s current location in orbit above the Earth using real-time telemetry sent to Mission Control. During times when the Space Shuttle is docked to the station, the feed will include those activities. The live feed will also include audio from mission control to the station, whenever available. This is going to be an awesome show.

You can watch the feed at NASA TV by clicking on the Live Space Station Video or by just opening the following URL on your media player.

The show begins on March 22, 1AM PST ( 1:30 PM IST)

[via Washington Times]


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