Monday, March 2, 2009

My Lockbox securely locks and hides your private files


Do you have any sensitive files that you need to hide from prying eyes? Here is the prefect free solution for you.

My Lockbox is a free tool which is extremely easy to use and hides your files in a way which is impossible for anybody else to retrieve. My Lockbox creates a password protected folder that remains hidden in Windows explorer and can only be accessed from the program’s control panel. And the control panel can be accessed only with a password.


The protected folder is hidden from any user and application of your system, including Administrator and System itself. It is impossible to access the lockbox not only from the local computer, but also from the net. The folder remains hidden even when you enable “View hidden files” in Folder Options and it’s invisible even in Windows safe mode. However, the program cannot lock multiple folders at the same time. You can change the folder location but there can be only one protected folder. Usually most folder locking application behaves the same way, but among all folder locking applications that I tried this seems to be the best.

Want to hide folder without any tools? Checkout this geeky method.


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