Saturday, April 25, 2009

5 short links for today #3


1. Upload Mirrors: Automatically upload files to several free file hosting websites at once. Just upload your file once to Upload Mirrors and get it uploaded to up to 10 different mirrors. Supported sites include Rapidshare, MegaUpload, DepostFiles, Filefactory and several others (a total of 16).

name-color 2. Name that Color: Every color has a name. Pick any color from the color wheel or copy paste a hex code and get names like “Lavender Magenta” and “Burnt Sienna”. You can also select a color name from a drop down list and find out how it looks like. Over 1500 different colors are available.

3. Planets: We are all familiar with the solar system and the orbit of planets around the sun. But from the viewpoint of the Earth, the motion of the planets look entirely different. This is a great tool to visualize how the planets move around on the sky. You can also view the motion of planets from the viewpoint of any other planets.

pirategoogle2 4. The PirateGoogle: Some folks have decided to mash up Pirate Bay and Google together and bring a new search engine – the PirateGoogle, coloring up the sails of the pirate ship to match those of Google. The search engine actually carries a simple Google search with the parameter “filetype:torrent” appended to the query. Okay guys, I get your point, however wrong you may be.

iconset 5. WebIconSets: A large collection of small icons (16x16) for various projects. It has several dozens (may be hundreds) of larger coins too. And yes, it’s free.


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