Thursday, April 2, 2009

Browser Backgrounds – Set wallpapers on Firefox tabs


Wallpapers were supposed to be be used only on the desktop (though you can also use backgrounds on folders, but it never caught on). This is about to change. A new Firefox addon now allows you to set wallpapers right inside Firefox.

There are a number of extensions that utilizes the empty screen of a new Firefox tab like Speed dial and Auto Dial. The addon called Browser Backgrounds uses it to greet the user with a fresh wallpaper. Browser Backgrounds initially installs a handful of wallpapers for you to use, and you can install more wallpapers from their website or just add images from your personal collection.

browser-backgrounds2 browser-backgrounds1

You can browse the wallpapers by clicking on the Browser Backgrounds icon on the status bar. New categories can be created and wallpapers added from here. However, there is no way to fix a particular wallpaper to open on each tab. All the wallpapers get randomly rotated each time you open a new tab. I would have liked a way to set one wallpaper of my choice to all new tabs, but that’s not possible. One way to overcome this handicap is to delete all images from the collection except that one image.


The images you add to Browser Backgrounds often do not get properly centered, because the size of the images or wallpapers is most likely to be different from the size of the visible area of the tab because of toolbars. But the images can be dragged to the preferred position by pressing the Ctrl key while using the mouse to drag. The position of that particular image gets saved so that the next time that image shows up, it will be correctly positioned. 

Browser Backgrounds is a very clever extension and combined with a nice theme, it should give a sleek look to the fox.


  1. But the samples you have displayed will definitely make many to refrain from adding this extension

  2. What's wrong with the samples? It's just a wallpaper and you can change it of course.

  3. How can attach or add background wall papers to my browser?

  4. It doesn't work. When you click on the preview button nothing happens, and there is no install button.


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