Monday, April 6, 2009

Create your own calendars with TKexe Kalender


TKexe Kalender is a software that enables you to design and print your own calendars at home. Unlike many calendar making software, TKexe Kalender gives you complete freedom in designing your calendar.

The software gives you several templates to start with, but the templates are editable so your are free to apply and modify them at your will. It doesn’t let you build a calendar from scratch, but as the templates are editable it’s as good as creating your own designs. Elements on the layout can be added, deleted and  positioned by simply dragging them and placing them on wherever you like.

TKexe-Kalender1 TKexeKalender2

You can create monthly calendars with up to two images per month, create weekly calendars, or a planner type of calendar with a little space beside each date to write notes, birthdays etc. Your calendar can be horizontal or vertical, the dates can be laid out in a single line or broken down into weeks. Everything from font size and colors to transparency can be adjusted. There are also a few handy special effects and masks that can be applied over the image. It’s even possible to design each page of your calendar differently.


The calendar doesn’t necessarily have to be in English. The software supports 21 languages at the time of writing this, you can create your calendar in any of these supported languages. The software also has a database of national holidays from 12 countries which can be directly applied to the calendar. You can also mark your own holidays. There are plenty of other settings that let you customize your calendar in all ways possible.

So get going. This year, hang your home made calendar on the wall.


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