Tuesday, April 21, 2009

DreamRender – 3D animation as desktop wallpaper


DreamRender is a Windows desktop wallpaper animation utility that can replace your desktop wallpaper with 3D animations and visual effects. Unlike Windows Vista’s DreamScene, DreamRender can not only use video as animated desktop backgrounds but also real time 3D animations generated on the fly by the computer’s graphics processing unit.

dreamrender1 dreamrender2

DreamRender uses high end particle sequencing and 3D Object Animation to generate thousands of different effects ranging from bubbles, liquid animations, tunnels and more. The tunnel thing got my head spinning though and I’m still a little dizzy after staring into it for several seconds.

The software comes loaded with about a dozen different wallpapers and more than a thousand more are available for download from their website. The utility also allows the user to generate their own wallpapers by manipulating different settings on the programs window like particle effects, animation speed, camera angles, color, and so on. There are endless possibilities of combinations and each one will create unique patterns.

Some effects is also said to react to your currently playing music, but I haven’t figured this out yet.

Because DreamRender generates graphics in real time just like a 3D game, it’s a little heavy on the processor. The CPU usage can be anywhere between 10% to 20%, depending on your processor of course, when the wallpaper is running. The memory usage however remains at a decent 10 MB to 14 MB.


  1. Link corrected. Seems like the program has gone from freeware to free-to-try.


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