Monday, April 20, 2009

FoxTab - 3D tabbed browsing in Firefox


When Windows Vista introduced Flip 3D, suddenly everybody started using it even by people who had never used Alt+Tab before. Soon a crop of window switching applications started appearing that enabled users to juggle opened windows using all kinds of fancy tricks. Now how can Firefox stay out of it? So came FoxTab.

FoxTab is a tab switching addon for Firefox that adds a lot of eye candy to the mundane task of switching tabs. FoxTab lets you cycle through previews of all opened tabs in 5 different styles – the popular Flip 3D, carousel, grid, stack and wall styles.




You can launch FoxTab by pressing the usual tab switching hotkey Ctrl+Q, and cycle through the tabs using the same key combination. When you get to the tab you want to open, just hit Enter. You can also use the mouse to flip through the tabs.

FoxTab has plenty of Options to play around - thumbnail sizes, number of slides to display in the layouts, animation speed, filters and a bunch of others. If you like pretty things, you will love this one.

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  1. That is actually quite cool, and seems to work surprisingly well even on my underwhelming workstation, and older HP P4 with integrated video.


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