Monday, April 6, 2009

Free Adobe Flex Builder 3 Professional for unemployed developers, students and teachers


If you are a web developer who was hit by the recession and is currently unemployed, Adobe is offering to help you kick start your career by giving you a free license for Flex Builder 3 Professional. The idea behind this program is to help unemployed developers use their new free time to learn a new skill – programming in Flex and thereby increase their chances of getting a new job.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 is an integrated development environment (IDE) built on the Eclipse platform that offers tools for coding, interface design and debugging tools  meant for developing rich Internet applications (RIAs) and cross-platform desktop applications, particularly for the Adobe Flex platform.


The license will be issued under the condition that you are unemployed and you promise to use the application solely for personal training and not to develop commercial applications with it. If you agree to these terms, fill and submit their form and your application will be processed within two weeks time. If they consider you eligible, you will be sent a serial key. In the meantime, they instructs you to download the 60 days trial copy and start using it.

Flex Builder 3 Professional is also available for student and faculty members of educational institutions. To get a license students or faculty members must provide proofs in the form of students ID, faculty ID or a letter from the head of the institution.

Adobe Flex Builder 3 for unemployed developers
Adobe Flex Builder 3 for educational institutions


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