Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy 15th birthday Opera!



My favorite browser turned 15 today - 15 glorious years of innovation and awesome browsing experience.

Fifteen years ago, two computer scientists sat at their desks in a research lab in what is today Telenor, Norway’s telecommunications incumbent, itching to begin a new project. They were going to build their own Web browser. Those first keystrokes would become Opera, the browser that has set — and continues to set — the standard for browser innovation. Jon von Tetzchner, the CEO of Opera Software, and Geir Ivarsøy began coding the original desktop Web browser in April 1994. Today, about 40 million people use Opera on their Windows, Mac and Linux computers.

How Opera came into existence?


Visit Opera.com to read the cartoon strip

Most people do not know this: a majority of sleek features you find on all modern browsers today like tabbed interface, mouse gestures and integrated search were first introduced by Opera.

Read Opera’s most popular innovations and a detailed report of when certain features were introduced in Opera.

If you haven’t tried Opera yet, then do so.


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