Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hypnotize yourself (if you can) with Virtual Hypnotist


Have you ever undergone hypnosis? I haven’t, so I was curious when I saw a software called Virtual Hypnotist. Virtual Hypnotist is an open source self hypnosis program designed to simulate real hypnosis sessions, and is intended to be used as a general self-help or experimental program.

Please note that this software is not intended to be a replacement for a licensed hypnotist or hypnotherapist; instead it is designed to facilitate in self-hypnosis and online hypnosis. Also note that this software doesn’t “magically” control someone’s mind or covertly put them into a trance; it simply uses standard methods to induce an altered state of consciousness in a willing subject.

Virtual Hypnotist is actually a suite of applications designed to place a subject into a hypnotic state of mind by using animated visuals, music and more, such as these.

hypnosis-pattern3 hypnosis-pattern2

The program comes with a large number of scripts for different stages of a hypnosis session like inductions, deepeners, suggestions and wake-up, all of which together makes one complete session. There is also a Script-maker that allows users to create his or her own scripts and edit them to their taste. There are also virtual hypnotists, which are animated characters, that uses the Microsoft text to speech engine to convert texts into a robotic voice that makes the session all but hypnotic. 


Virtual Hypnotist contains several tools to induce fatigue and sleep such as swinging pendulums, animated spirals and tunnels and seizure inducing flashes. It also comes with several audio files with relaxation music. There is also a binaural tone generator to produce ‘brainwave patterns’.

Honestly, I never for a moment believe that this program could put me to sleep. It did not, though some users reported to have had successes with this application. Try it, maybe it works on you.


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