Saturday, April 18, 2009

Overclock Intel’s GMA with GMABooster


Those who have PCs or laptops with integrated graphics, particularly Intel’s GMA (Graphics Media Accelerator), know that these graphics solutions aren’t meant for high end gaming. Although older games run relatively smooth, the newer games that demand lots of number crunching and firepower from the graphics accelerator are reduced to slideshows.

However, what most people are not aware is that many Intel GMA powered chipsets are deliberately underclocked to 166/133 MHz instead of the default 400 MHz, to reduce power consumption in laptops. But the truth is, most laptops could handle up to 400 MHz with ease, at a nominal low voltage, without the loss of system stability and with minimal to none impact on thermal specifications and battery life. This is where GMABooster comes in.


GMABooster allows the user to increase the clock speed of GMA graphics chipsets without adjusting voltage and without even restarting the computer. The result, the developers say, is 2.4 times boost in performance. Once you overclock the graphics accelerator you may close the program, but you will need to re-clock it again when you restart the computer. So if you are afraid the program might mess up your display, the cure is just a restart away.

gma-166mhz-default gma-overclocked-400mhz

3D Mark 2006 benchmark results (with and without GMABooster)

The GMABooster has been said to work on laptops and computers built on Intel 945GM/GME/GMS/GSE or 943/940GML/GU Express chipset featuring GMA 950. And the best news is, the software is available for Windows as well as Linux and Mac.

[via Shell Extension City]


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