Friday, April 10, 2009

Rightload uploads files from the context menu


Uploading files to your FTP server can be tedious if you have to do it frequently and if your files are scattered everywhere on your hard disk. Say for example, you want to upload photos to a server. First you have to go through your collection and pick up the ones you want to upload and probably move them to a separate folder for easier upload. Then you fire up your FTP program, connect to your server, navigate to the proper directory in both your local hard disk and in the server and then transfer the file. Here is an easier way to do it.

Use Rightload, a small FTP program that makes the task of uploading files to a server a lot easier by enabling you to upload files directly from Windows explorer’s context menu. Just right click on the file or folder you want to upload, choose the server and the directory you want to upload to.


Your files will get added to a queue on the main window. Once you have selected all files, click Start Upload to begin uploading. The program can also upload files to sites like Imageshack, Rapidshare, Tinypic etc.


Rightload allows you to predefine rules to help the program tackle situations like a file already existing or a directory missing. You can either configure the program to ask you each time it finds itself in a spot or apply rules like rename, overwrite, do not upload and so on.

There are several other useful features like when uploading pictures, Rightload gives you the option to generate thumbnails of the uploaded pictures with your chosen dimension. There is also an ability to synchronize the folder structure of the remote server or copy all URLs of the uploaded files to the clipboard etc.

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  1. Just what i was looking for. Thanks.


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