Saturday, April 4, 2009

TV-FOX - Live TV inside Firefox


A large number of TV channels are available on the Internet, live and streaming. There are an equally large number of websites that collect all these streaming channels and puts them all in one place for visitors convenience. And not to mention the dozens of live TV software that thrive on these free channels. Here is one way to get rid of all of them – watch TV right inside Firefox.

TV-FOX is a Firefox addon that puts 2780 live TV channels on Firefox. Available on a toolbar, the channels are organized into country as well as category. It also adds a small search box with 6 popular search engines – Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Torrent, eBay and Amazon Search. The search wasn’t necessary actually.



You can watch several TV streams simultaneously if your connection speed allows you to.

TV-FOX uses the Windows Media Player, and hence you will require to install the WMP plugin to watch TV.


  1. Ok so i Downloaded this, but when i go to watch something, it says its missing a download, then it says click here. i click there nd nothing happans, any help anyone????


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