Thursday, April 9, 2009

UGOlog - Online video surveillance with a webcam


Do you know you can setup a home surveillance system at the fraction of a cost of what it takes? All you need is a webcam and a mechanism to automatically record and save videos and/or snapshots, which is provided by UGOlog, a free online video surveillance system. Of course, a home made surveillance system will be a far cry from sophisticated systems you get in markets but it works


UGOlog does not require any software download, just a working webcam. UGOlog’s motion detector triggers the webcam whenever it notices any movement in the camera’s filed of view. It can also automatically take snapshots at regular intervals or record video. The free plan lets you have 2 cameras and imposes a daily limit of 500 snapshots and 5 minute recording. The Plus and the Pro plans offers from 5 to unlimited cameras with up to 15,000 snapshots and 4 hours video recording. Interestingly, both these plans are free to use during the beta phase.


The major advantage of UGOlog over other home surveillance system is that the entire system can be controlled via the Internet, allowing you to keep track of your house or room from work or wherever you might be. The snapshots and videos are automatically uploaded to UGOlog’s servers and are accessible through a simple web browser.


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