Sunday, May 31, 2009

Electronic Arts makes BattleForge free to play


Electronic Arts, the developer of the real-time, online strategy game BattleForge, announced last week that the game is now free to play. BattleForge is a blend of real time strategy and card collecting where players trade, buy and win cards by exchanging points.


The “Play 4 Free” version of the game offers full access to all the scenarios, maps, campaigns and other community features. The only limitation is that free version only allows access to 32 of the 200 trading cards that can be acquired in the game.

The retail version of the game is still available for purchase at the price of $30. Players using the retail version get full access to a wide selection of cards and additional points which can be used to receive even more cards.

I’m not in a position to give a review of the game here, since I haven’t played it. But you can read reviews of the game at GameSpot, EuroGamer and other review sites.


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