Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Microsoft Outlook 2007 Essentials addon


Outlook 2007 Essentials is an addon for Microsoft Outlook 2007 that adds three very useful features to the email client .

You will recall a few months back Gmail introduced a Labs feature called ‘Forgotten Attachment Detector’ that alerts you if you mention about an attachment in the mail but forget to actually attach the file. Outlook 2007 Essentials brings this useful feature to the desktop email client. If you use word like “attach” and “attachment” in your email message and then try to send the mail without  attaching a file, Outlook will pop open window reminding you of the missing attachment.


The second feature that Outlook 2007 gets with this addon is another reminder, this time about missing subject lines. If you try to send a mail with the subject line blank, a reminder window will pop open as shown in the screenshot. You have the option to cancel the mail and return back to compose mode to correct the error, or ignore it and send the mail anyway.

The third and last feature that is added to Outlook 2007 is the ability to print a selected portion of the email message. To do this just right-click on the email, select Outlook Essentials Mail Viewer and select the section of the mail you wish to print.

Outlook 2007 Essentials requires the .Net Framework 3.5 to function.


  1. I am currently confused should I use office 2007 or should I use office 2003. In my college they use office 2003 they haven't promoted 2007.

    I like the essential addon. But I need to update my .net framework first.

  2. It's your choice really. Office 2003 isn't too different from Office 2007 from the POV of functionality.

  3. Good Add-In this. Should have been part of Outlook 2007 in the first place!

    They have a German Version now!

    German Version with option for Custom Words. Supports German umlauts & Eszett.



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