Friday, May 15, 2009

Migrate your Yahoo, Hotmail and AOL email accounts to Gmail


Switching email accounts can be pretty painful. It's like getting out of a relationship.”, writes a Gmail engineer. At some point in your online life you too might have wanted to get out of relationship with your Yahoo, Hotmail or AOL account but couldn’t because of all those mails and contacts and memories you have stored in them. Well, here is some good news: Gmail now allows users to migrate all emails and contacts from all major email service providers to Gmail, making the switch much easier.

There is a new option called “Accounts and Import” under Settings. Enter the email address and password of the Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL or other email account you'd like to import contacts from and within 24-48 hours all your messages will be imported to Gmail. You can even have your messages forwarded from your old account for the next 30 days.


This new feature is currently available to only newly-created Gmail accounts, and it is slowly being rolled out to all existing accounts. Google Apps users however won't see these new migration options.

[via Gmail Blog]


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