Friday, May 22, 2009

Preview Gmail Inbox while it loads


Gmail always takes a tad longer to open even on an acceptably fast Internet connection, and if you are on a slower connection it can take a terribly long time for the inbox to open. Of course, you can switch to a faster Gmail interface but Gmail wasn’t designed to be used that way.

Now Google has come up with a sweet solution. Yes, another new Labs addition – Inbox preview. With the Inbox preview option under Labs (Settings>Labs) enabled, whenever you login into Gmail, instead of a blank white screen and a small blue, progress bar you will see a static preview of your inbox with your ten most recent messages. The progress bar is still there, of course.


The inbox preview lets you have a glance at the latest messages waiting for you. The preview isn’t clickable but it still saves a few seconds of your life, each day. When the inbox finally loads you already know which mail to attend to first. Or if there is nothing new, you can simply switch to another website even before the inbox has completed loading.

[via Official Gmail Blog]


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