Friday, May 8, 2009

Send messages made out of shapes from Google Maps


What happens when you start using Google Maps for typography? You get geoGreetings.

geoGreetings belongs to that particular crop of sites that constantly remind you how some people have an enviable amount of free time in their hands. The site allows you to send greetings messages using shapes picked up from Google Maps that resemble the alphabets or characters used in the message.



While working on a different Google Maps project, I noticed that a number of buildings looked like letters of the alphabet when viewed from above. This is the point where I should have just said 'hmmm, good observation' and gone on with my life. But I didn't and that's why this website is here.

How did you find the letters?

Many of the letters I found myself by spending endless hours in my basement hunched over my computer looking at Google Maps. (Think of Jack Nicholson's character from The Shining as a web developer instead of a writer.)

But recently I've been getting lots of help from the user community, and the quality of the letters keeps getting better and better.

See, I told you he has lots of free time. :)

Simply type your message within the allotted limit of 40 characters and watch the message take shape using aerial shots of building of various shapes from around the world. After that you can send the generated link to your friends.

Here is one message for you.

If you have seen new and better looking letters on Google Maps or have even more free time to spare, contribute to geoGreetings.

[via Tech Yard]


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