Saturday, May 16, 2009

X-Moto, a motorbike game that puts your finger control to test


X-Moto is unlike your traditional motorbike game where you race against fellow AI controlled bikers and try to get to the finish line as early as possible. X-Moto isn’t a racing game, no clock to beat and no other bikes to overtake. The game’s challenge lies in controlling the bike which in turn requires incredible control on your fingers.

X-Moto is a 2D, open source, free game with a very realistic physics engine that requires a lot of finesse to control. The goal of the game is to collect strawberries, a rather odd job for someone on a bike. You are required to collect the strawberries and then touch a flower at the end of the level. Obstacles are challenging terrains, steep slopes, vertical columns right on the path and sometimes "wrecker" objects which should not be touched.


In the beginning the bike will be almost impossible to control. Pressing the forward button accelerates the bike too quickly, hitting the brake hard throws the rider off balance. The trick is to use short key presses, like typing single letters. Using long key press is surely going to accelerate the bike beyond control. The bike’s super shock absorbers and an idiot rider who can’t keep himself on the seat makes things even more difficult. Then there are slopes to climb and obstacles to jump across. But it’s fun.

There are hundreds of different levels having different terrains and you can load any level to play it. It’s not like you have to beat one level to go to the next. The game also includes a level editor using which you can design your own levels.

X-Moto is cross platform that runs on Linux, FreeBSD, Mac and Windows, and uses OpenGL.

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