Monday, June 29, 2009

4 sites to create funny, fake effects on your photos


I’m sure you have seen online photo generators before where you can upload your photos and add funny effects to it. The Fake Magazine Cover Maker is worth mentioning. If you derive pleasure in such kind of things, you will certainly go orgasmic over these sites.

1. PicJoke has hundreds of fake image effects to choose from. See yourself on everything from road signs, banners, graffiti, billboard ads and posters. To ensure that you never get tired of them, the site adds one new effect everyday!

pic-effects pic-effects (6)pic-effects (1) pic-effects (7)

2. PhotoFunia is quite similar, but they focus more on face swapping. For instance, you can swap Mona Lisa’s head with yours or see yourself as Superman. At the time of writing this, they had more than 100 different effects.


3. Fun Photo Box is another good place to seek out image effects. This site too has close to a hundred different fake image generators.

4. DeeFunia is somewhat amateurish. Most of their effects involve just putting a frame around your photo. They have several different effects, but their quality is inferior. They do have a few good ones among the bunch though, so you might as well check this out too.

Enjoy your bogus fame.


  1. Cool. For my opinion and http://Photofunia are the best. I played with them for hours.


  2. has a large list of similar online photo effect creators and editors.. You will find thousands of fun tools and templates to use with your digital pics.

  3. @image hacks: Thanks. That is a great list.

  4. Hi guys,

    I've just discovered a new website that rocks.

    It's called and it allows us to change our nose, mouth, eyes...

    It's so great to see ourselves with a different look!

    Love your site,

  5. Well, there’s another similar site . I bet you’ll like it.

  6. How to fake a photo, a picture or change your webcam background to create new surroundings and a fake reality.


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