Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Customize your Linux distro before downloading with Slax


One of the most unique feature of the Linux distro Slax is it’s easy customizability by use of modules. After you have installed this operating system, adding new software and application is just a matter of downloading “modules” and copying them to the modules directory. This is possible even with Live CDs.

Recently Downloadsquad discovered that Slax now offers a method to customize the Live CD online, even before you download it.


Simply head to Slax Build and add your desired modules. The modules are available on a separate section, organized into categories and fully searchable. After you have completed adding the modules, return back to the Build page to review your distro and the size. If you’re missing any dependencies, you will be alerted and asked to include them. Finally click on the download link to get the ISO.

One small bother is the inability to add all applications under a category with a single click. You have to add each application individually. While not many would want to do add all applications, but keeping such an option wouldn’t harm anyone.


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