Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fotopedia, the image encyclopedia, launched


After remaining in private beta for several weeks, Fotopedia – the encyclopedia of photos, finally came live. Fotopedia is a new photo sharing website that automatically turns photo albums into interactive web pages. Photos can be add from anywhere – either your computer or already uploaded photos from Flickr, Picasa etc. 

There is a desktop client that lets you easily search and browse photos on Fotopedia directly from the desktop. The client has more features than the actual website, allowing you to create your own albums, follow other albums and users. RSS feeds are available for all albums you follow making them immediately available on your computer.


Another useful feature for bloggers is the ability to create embeddable photo albums. Either create your own new album or choose from one of the thousands and get the HTML code to add to your site.

Anybody can browse Fotopedia without downloading the desktop client but the client is required if you want to do contribute to the encyclopedia or create widgets. Fotopedia is not bad but the client requirement is going to turn off most users. Even I’m not too happy about it. I think I will stick to Flickr for now.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your post about Fotopedia.

    Downloading an application can turn off people and we knew it since we started. So let me explain why we still did it.

    We decided to build an application as we believe it can provide a much better user experience (our 5 founders are from Apple). For example, the ability to drag and drop and organize photos is much faster with a client. Also their is no upload hassle. The upload takes place in the background.

    When you add just a photo a day (as many do on flickr) this doesn't matter so much. When you add many, the time and effort you lose downloading the application is nothing compared to the time the application saves you.

    Fotopedia is a place you can value the thousands of photos you have taken over the years and promote your work that way. It is therefore different and complementary from Flickr. Many of our users use both.

    Thanks again for reviewing us and starting this conversation!


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