Saturday, June 6, 2009

Free printable materials and DIY crafts from Canon


Here is something to keep your kids and yourself busy during the summer holidays. Head to Canon Creative Park and browse through their large collection of Do-It-Yourself projects, available as printable PDF files and free to download. Just download the stuff, print it and follow their instructions to create beautiful paper craft, toys, calendars and such.

Canon Creative Park has resources of every kind - printable cards for various occasions, stylish gift boxes and letter sets. There are ready to print scrapbooks to display your favorite photos with captions and decorations, a wide selection of calendars, 3D calendars, photo frames etc.

The most attractive section on the site is the Paper Craft. This area has an amazing stock of high quality, three-dimensional paper models, from animals to famous buildings, vehicles, toys etc. Each model comes with a separately downloadable instruction book detailing each step of the process, as well as printing instructions like the type of paper needed, print settings etc. Here are some models that impressed me in particular.

Structure of the Sun

H-2A Rocket

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Electric Locomotive



Leaning Tower of Pisa


Taj Mahal

Florence Cathedral

Another beautiful form of art you will find here is 3D Decoupage. This craft involves layering several copies of the same picture in order to give a three-dimensional appearance. There are also Paper Reliefs, a kind of paper craft made by breaking a picture down into a number of parts and reassembling them in three-dimensional form. Paper reliefs can be used to decorate your home and create an attractive interior design.

Dozens of new crafts and models get added to the site every month. So if you are really interested in paper crafts this website should go straight to your bookmarks.

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