Thursday, June 11, 2009

Iris, a Webkit based browser for Windows Mobile


Opera mobile might be the best and the most used mobile browser, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try alternative browsers. Take the Iris browser for example, a web browser for the Windows Mobile platform based on open source Webkit. When the first version of the Iris was released in 2008, it became the first Webkit browser for Windows Mobile 6. According to Torch Mobile, the creators of Iris, it’s the only mobile browser to score 100/100 on Acid3.

The latest version 1.1.8 boast of several improvements.

- Improved graphics performance
- Faster networking and loading of local files
- Improved memory usage
- Improved asynchronous behavior while loading pages
- Support for the W3C Geolocation API
- Support for HTML5 SQL databases and client side storage
- Rendering improvements, including for <canvas>
- CSS transformations and effects
- and a few others.


Iris has an impressive list of features. It supports full screen browsing and allows user to move around the page by tapping and zooming, like Opera mobile. The Iris Browser also provides a "virtual mouse" function, which lets users navigate web sites just like a desktop mouse. It has built in pop-up blockers, bookmark manager, RSS reader, private browsing, screen capture tool, and supports rotation of screen. Further, it has a customizable about: pages.

Below are some screenshots of the browser in action.

iris3 iris4

iris5 iris6


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