Monday, June 8, 2009

Poladroid is the funniest Polaroid image maker


Turning your photos into a Polaroid is easy with applications such as Photoshop. A couple of filter effects, a little color level adjustment, a white border and you will get that Polaroid look. But that’s not fun. Poladroid, on the other hand, lets you get close to the real thing.

poladroid Poladroid is seriously fun to use. The application is shaped in the form a Polaroid camera that keeps floating on your desktop. Simply drag an image into the camera, and you will hear a realistic Polaroid clicking sound. Soon after a small blank print will pop out of the camera, and as you watch, slowly an image will start developing. It takes about a minute or two for the image to completely develop, and when it’s completed a small cross appears at the bottom of the print. To speed up the development you can even grab the picture and shake it, but the speed up is barely noticeable if any.

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At any time during development, you can capture the image by right clicking on it and selecting “I want a sample now”.

You can also apply a blurry effect to the photo and add stripes on paper or random fingerprints over the photo. To add even more realism to the application, Poladroid will develop only 10 pictures per session, because the cartridge of a real Polaroid doesn’t last more than that.

Poladroid is free and available for Windows and Mac.


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