Friday, June 26, 2009

POW is Opera Unite for Firefox


Way before Opera brought Unite into the world, there was a Firefox addon that did a kind of similar thing to the browser. I discovered it in one of my follow ups on Opera Unite.

It’s called POW or Plain Old Webserver.

POW runs a web server inside Firefox, like Opera Unite. Without a doubt, the latter is more polished and functional than the Firefox addon. Getting the web server up and running is easy enough, but adding files to it so that it can be shared on the Internet requires some effort. There are Javascripts to code, firewalls to deal with and a hell lot of reading to be done. Thankfully, there is a wiki.


The POW uses Server-side Javascript (SJS) to run a server inside your browser. Distributing files with the server requires you to code these SJS files. It supports Server-side JS, GET, POST, uploads, Cookies, SQLite and AJAX. It also has a security feature to password-protect your site. But what is the address of your web server? That you have to figure it out yourself, No-IP maybe.

Plain Old Webserver needs a lot of work and polishing to be done, before it’s actually usable.

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