Wednesday, June 24, 2009

URL shortener adds Google Analytics


Hugely popular URL shortening service just went ahead of it’s competitors by tightly integrating Google Analytics with their service giving users extended statistics on their campaigns.

The Campaign Builder tool allow users to segment their marketing efforts by applying different keywords to links that will be shared cross different distribution channels, such as blogs, twitter, email, Facebook etc. So now you can actually see how many clicks came from which channel, instead of just the total number of clicks allowing you to concentrate your marketing efforts in specific platforms.


The actual Campaign Builder tool uses Google Spreadsheets to create campaigns. Start by entering a long URL in the first column, then add keywords or campaign parameters and then grab the different shortened URLs generated and send them across different channels.

Since Google Analytics does not track your clicks in real time, you can use the Info+ pages to track clicks while Google collects data about the traffic generated by each campaign. The next day you will get a detailed campaign report when you check your Analytics account.


[via The Next Web]


  1. I have checked the original post, but all photos seems to be removed from Flickr and comments are closed.

    Do you have any ideas on where I can get that with G.Analytics guide?

    All the best,

  2. The guide is already there, only the photos are missing. Just follow the steps and you should be fine.


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