Friday, June 12, 2009

Want to get scared? Play Hotel626 online


If you are the kind of person who like to watch horror movies in the dead of the night with lights turned out, you will love Hotel626, a spooky game that you can play entirely on your browser.


Hotel626 is a haunted hotel where you have just checked in. The game begins with a cut scene where you are suddenly roused from the bed by some strange noises. You dash out of the door into the hallway and that is when the game starts. The game environment, the sound and lightening is actually quite creepy. To add to the scare factor, the hotel opens only between 6PM and 6AM (hence the name Hotel626). This means that you can play the game only between the said time, but you can change the time on your system clock and trick the game into allowing you to check in. 

The game is comprised of ten levels, through which you have to survive by performing creepy task or solving puzzles or simply navigating through corridors and rooms. Some levels are simple while others are complex like requiring you to snap a picture of a ghost's face. If you fail you die, but luckily you are respawned immediately and if a particular level is too hard or scary for you, you can even skip to the next level.

The game control consist of simply point and click, but sometime it gets really sluggish which can be irritating. The visuals are superb unlike any Flash game you have played before, as you can see from the video preview above. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to turn on your webcam and microphone, but these aren’t absolutely necessary. But if you do so, both those elements will be used in later levels.

Hotel626 is both creepy and fun at the same time.


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