Thursday, July 23, 2009

2 addons to add all Google services to Firefox


Every Internet user on earth uses at least one Google service or the other, be it search, Gmail, YouTube, Reader, Blogger or Docs. If you are a frequent user of such Google offerings and if you use Firefox, instead of using bookmarks you can use one of these addons.

GUtils adds 61 Google services to Firefox toolbar, all accessible from a drop down menu. If you think 61 services will be a clutter, don’t worry because the addon allows you to display only those services you use.


GButts is another addon that adds a large number of Google services to Firefox toolbar. You can select which services you want to appear in the list and how they will be displayed. It’s available either as a toolbar with buttons or as drop down menu. You can also specify if the shortcut will open in a new tab and whether the new tab should be in the foreground or background.



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