Monday, July 6, 2009

Archive IM conversations online with Dexrex


Dexrex is a software for Windows, with limited support for Mac and Linux, that is capable of plugging itself with any instant messenger client, record conversations or chats and upload the same to a secure online storage for archiving.

Dexrex supports a large number of IM clients on Windows – AIM, ICQ, Windows Live, Skype, Yahoo, Pidgin, Trillian, Digsby, Miranda, Instantbird, Meca, Mercury, , mesene, aMSN and QIP. Support on Mac and Linux platform is small but the popular ones are available, viz, AIM, Yahoo, Windows Live and a few others.


To use Dexrex, all you have to do is start the application, launch your IM client and start chatting. Dexrex will automatically capture all chat traffic and store them on an online account. There is no extra signup required. The username and password you use for the IM network becomes your login credentials to access the online storage. Once online you can search through the stored chat records using helpful filters and time parameters. There is also an option to import previous conversations saved on your computer to Dexrex’s online storage.

Dexrex can be used even if you have multiple logins IDs. Just add all your available screen names to your online account. If you use IM networks from different computers you can install the application on all the computers you use.

Additionally, Dexrex can be used with Blackberrys to store SMS.


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