Sunday, July 5, 2009

Clock made out of a real hard drive


This is the best use of an old hard drive that I have ever seen.


This is a real 3.5 inch computer hard disk that has been transformed into a working desk clock using quartz drive movement. The clock measures 4 inches by 6inches and runs on 1 AA battery. The top cover of the drive is turned into a stand and screwed at the back allowing the clock to stand upright on your desk.


The hard drive clock is available in white and black and is priced at $34 ~ $35.

With some effort, I suppose it’s possible to create such a clock at home, using a cheap quartz wall clock. I have to try this with my old hard drive.


  1. That is rather awesome

  2. If you like this clock, then check out for some really cool hard drive clocks. They even make business card holders from video cards and paper clip holders from laptop hard drives. received one as a Christmas gift and said "Freaking Awesome"!


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