Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Download torrents via HTTP with BTaccel (100 Free invites)


BTaccel is a new web based BitTorrent client that offers users the ability to download torrents via HTTP without the hassles of configuring a P2P client and port forwarding or understanding terms like seeders or leechers. All users need is a browser and download torrents just like any other file.

To use BTaccel first you have to find the URL of the torrent file you want to download, and enter it into BTaccel. Immediately after, BTaccel will start downloading the torrent from the swarm to their own servers.


Once the download is completed you will be alerted by email, and then you can download the torrent files either individually (if the original torrent contained separate files) or as a whole from BTaccel’s server via HTTP like a normal download. The file stays on the server for a period of 24 hours after which it gets slated for removal if you don't start downloading it.


When you add the torrent file, initially it will display the approximate time remaining which can be a few hours depending on the size of the download. But don’t be fooled by the initial approximation. BTaccel’s connection is pretty damned fast – in my test, a 1GB file was completely downloaded to their servers in less than 5 minutes! So it takes just a couple of minutes before you can start downloading your files.

Who needs BTaccel?

BTaccel is an excellent solution for people who has such issues as:

  • ISPs throttling torrent downloads
  • Networks restricting use of P2P software, like office network. BTaccel is great for downloading torrents at office right under the nose of the network admin.
  • Limited upload capacity, like data caped ADSL line or low upload speed. Users downloading torrent from BTaccel doesn’t have to upload content to the swarm.
  • Devices that cannot run Bittorrent clients
  • Casual users who don’t understand or incapable of understanding torrents

Free invite codes

BTaccel is still in alpha and you will require invites to signup on this site. Good news is we have 100 free invites for Instant Fundas readers! When signing up enter the code “100GBinstantfundas100” to get an account with 100GB worth of free transfer. If you’ve missed out, send them an invitation request.

BTaccel is free, but they will be rolling out premium plans which will cost anywhere from $9.67 - $24.99. People with Premium plans will get higher priority over free users in processing download request and no waiting times during peak periods.


  1. Thanks for the invite. :D

  2. how to keep the ratio on privet sites ? if there isnt any upload possibility

  3. @pipa: BTaccel cannot download torrents from private sites as they require user authentication. Only public torrents are allowed.


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