Friday, July 24, 2009

Firefox 3.7 mockup theme for Firefox 3 and 3.5


Remember the mockup themes of Firefox 3.7 that Mozilla Labs released a few days ago? Well, a theme of the mockup is already available for Firefox 3 and 3.5, thanks to some quick work by BoneyardBrew at DeviantArt. This is how to apply the theme.


1. Download Mozilla Firefox 3.7 Theme (direct download)

2. Uzip the downloaded file. Inside you will find a .JAR file which contains the actual theme. Drag and drop this file to "Addons" window in Firefox and it'll install the theme.

3. To get the glass effect, install the All Glass Firefox addon.

4. To hide the Menu bar, install Hide Menubar addon.

5. To get the "Tools" button near the Search box install Personal Menu addon.

6. Now right-click on empty area on the toolbar and select "Customize". Now drag "Bookmarks" and "Tools" buttons after the search box. Then go to "Personal Menu" Option in Addons Menu, click on Advanced Tab and enable "Hide Drop-Marker" option.

Possible Troubleshooting

If you face problem while reading text on inactive tabs, you'll need to apply a fix provided in "newtabfix.txt" present in the downloaded ZIP file using the Stylish addon.

To do so, copy the Stylish code provided in the text file and paste it into a new Stylish code. Suitably name the code and click on Install. This should fix it.

[via AskVG]


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