Friday, July 24, 2009

Kalooga – The image gallery search engine


Kalooga is a image search engine that specializes in finding image galleries rather than individual images, as most search engines do. So when you search for say “auto show”, instead of getting a page with images with auto show photos you get a page with galleries containing auto show photos. This automatically enriches the search results.

Q: What is the difference between Kalooga Search and the image search offered by for instance Google or Yahoo?
A: Most search engines use the name of an image and/or the words that are used in the neighborhood of the image to assess if an image matches the keywords used in the search. However, the most relevant images often don't have those keywords in the image name or near the image. Kalooga's approach is radically different; in order to find images with the correct subject, Kalooga first tries to make sure a web page is focused on a certain image subject. Kalooga analyzes the links and references that exist between web pages in order to find gallery web pages that are focused on a certain subject.


So does it work? Well, not always but yes most of the time. I’ve found that Kalooga actually scores where regular search engines fail. Regular search engines link to images in the search result and not the gallery, even if that image is a part of a larger gallery containing similar images. The user fails to see that because the search result doesn’t indicate it. Additionally, an image search engine like Google Image Search tends to display only one image from one gallery. If that image fails to impress the user, he passes it overlooking the vast number of better images that gallery might hold.

With Kalooga, this doesn’t happen because Kalooga links to the gallery and not the images. It also provides previews of a number of images from the same gallery along with the total count of images the gallery hold. And because a link on Kalooga takes you to the original gallery page, you get to read the context of the images and other valuable and relevant information that might be present on the webpage.

Kalooga’s current image count at 480 million, though not huge, is impressive.

That’s not all. Kalooga also offers website publishers widgets to display image galleries on their sites. Check it out.


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