Monday, July 6, 2009

TwitterBar – Post to Twitter from Firefox address bar


Posting tweets is easier than ever with Firefox addon TwitterBar. This addon allows you to post to Twitter right from Firefox’s address bar a.k.a the Awesomebar, making it even more awesome.

Simply type your tweet directly into the address bar and then move the mouse pointer over the Twitter icon on the right, to reveal the number of characters left and the “Post to Twitter” button. You can also post by typing "--post" at the end of your tweet and hitting the Enter button.


You can also search on Twitter by ending the search keyword with “-–search” directly from the address bar.


TwitterBar is especially useful when you want to share the URL of the page you are currently visiting on Twitter. To do this simply click on the “Post to Twitter” button without leaving the page and the URL will be automatically shortened and tweeted along with a customizable message such as “I’m browsing this” or “Check out this page” or anything you like. You can also choose the URL shortener among 3 different options.


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