Saturday, August 15, 2009

Become a Mozilla Test Pilot, try new features first


Want to help Mozilla make Firefox better? Mozilla has just announced the launch of a new project called Test Pilot, that is aimed at collecting user feedbacks on new Firefox features and other Mozilla Labs experiments. Test Pilot users will be one of the firsts to see and try out new user interfaces and Mozilla products before they are publicly released.


Getting enlisted into the program is as easy as installing the Test Pilot addon. Through this addon users will automatically receive notifications on upcoming and finished tests. Users will then have the option to either test the new features or simply quit it – no strings attached. Also, even if a test pilot decide to take a test, at the end of it he or she can still choose whether or not to submit their test data.

For now, Mozilla we will start the Test Pilot program with a survey to understand what type of Web users this pilot community represents. Soon, the first tests on specific Firefox features and other Mozilla Labs experiments will be rolled out.

The Test Pilot program was originally announced in January 2009, but it was still a concept then.


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