Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Brilliant Polaroid effects with Rollip


If you remember, I reviewed a funny software called Poladroid that turned your images into old worn out Polaroid shots. Rollip is another such application. The difference is that Rollip is a web service while Poldroid was a desktop program, and Rollip offers even more effects and an ability to write small messages on the Polaroid.

Rollip lets you choose from 6 different effects ranging from mild to dark sepia tones, the kind that we see on real Polaroid photos, blurring and discoloration due to over exposure or whatever.

rollip2 rollip1

The photo paper offers a couple of different choices too, as well as the font of the message that you can put on the pictures.

If you enjoyed Rollip you will also enjoy these 4 sites to create funny effects on your images.


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